Wednesday, January 27, 2010


On the first day of class the professor asked us a very interesting question. He asked, "What is the most important concept to consider when analyzing a text?" After hearing this question I thought that the most important when analyzing a text is to look at the historical context, meaning the when and where of which the book was written on. It would be very helpful to see what was going on during that era to view how it affected the story and how it was written. Another possible concept would be what the author's purpose was in writing the text, what he wanted us to feel after reading the book.
For example the video clip "Doll in the music Box", that the professor let us view depicted a very light mood, nowhere was it intended to make one smile and laugh because that is how it made me feel at first. At a closer look i began noticing that the clip had a bit of sexism in it. It became clear that the era in which this clip was based on was possibly in a time where woman were seen much beneath men. We also saw this in the character of the doll and the clown that came out of the box. The doll was only able to function at the turn of a key handled by a man. It was as if the doll was not existant until the touch of a man controlled her movements.

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