Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We live in a world where you have to compete to be on top. Men and women both struggle day to day to have the highest paid jobs available. The question of morality comes to play, how far will you go to achieve the ultimate job opportunity and what is the price of obtaining that job and the lifestyle that comes along with the job. It could involve having to stay away from loved ones for long periods of time due to traveling or long days at the office. Every choice has an outcome that can be positive or negative; it is really up to the person if they view it in a positive or negative eye. In the discussion in the last class we concluded that
Plato was trying to sell a sense of morality through his writings.In the video “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga, shows the reality of what striving to be famous in the crazy world of entertainment and what comes with being famous. Plato’s idea of morality is very important because to what extent is it morally correct to pry in the lives of people for the sake of earning the big bucks for the best picture and for capturing the next best scandal on film. Furthermore the idea that the world needs to know the every move of a person who happens to be talented vocally or artistically and it involves going to the extreme to capture the moment. It is to say that the role of the famous subject is to be followed and the paparazzi to pry into every aspect of their lives until they can no longer find interest in them.
In Plato's "Republic 10" in the book Classical Literary Criticism, he expresses an idea of a utopia in which each person has a role. In his ideas he expresses the importance of everyone’s role in his world and how they should go about their jobs. The paparazzo’s role in this case is to keep the readers or his audience updated on the lives of the rich and famous and do whatever it takes to make sure their shot or their story makes the biggest headlines. While this is all great for the audience, who is interested in how the rich and famous live , they don’t stop to think how the rich and famous feel in regards to being followed 24/7. The role of the rich and famous becomes that of an ant under a magnifying glass, they become the main focus of the world until the next hit star appears. It is very clear how Plato’s idea of a utopian place, a perfection where everyone knows there role and keeps up with it. The role of the famous is to continue being rich and successful so that they can provide for themselves as well as for their family members, but then comes to play the question, of how far will you strive to achieve the highest paying job. The question begins to be clear, “Is it really worth it?” and surprisingly many will say yes and back it up with its part of the job tying back to Plato’s idea of each person having its role and following it in his utopian world.

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