Thursday, February 4, 2010

What An Experience

In getting together as a group to figure out our presentation was very interesting. The feeling of nervousness in being the first group was one of our first thoughts but once we got our concept together I started feeling a little better. Being the only girl in the group it was interesting when Nakia presented his idea of showing the two views of birth, so to those who might have believed it was my idea you are mistaken. It was very interesting in putting our ideas together and hearing everybody's reactions to our findings. As i started searching for real live birth videos , I began debating on how raw the video should be in order to get our point across, so with that in mind I found a very graphic live birth video and then thought about the story I had seen on MTV on the show "Teen Mom", a show about the experience of teenage girls in their transitions from being a teeneager to motherhood. I chose the story of Farrah a high school cheerleader who after learning of her pregnancy chooses to keep her child and become a single mother. The clip showed a combination of the raw concept of a real birth with the universal concept of the births we see on the big screen. Unfortunately it wasn't able to play the day of the presentation so for those of you interested in watching the video here is the link

you have the option of viewing her whole story or you can far forward to the birth portion it is up to you. This group project cleared up the idea that Plato had when it came to "Republic 3" and "Republic 10". The idea of showing the "Friends" video was to show what many see when it comes to birth, a comical thing, but it was clear after viewing the live birth in seeing and hearing the reactions, that there is a reason why the the "Friends" video is more acceptable in the world because people can not find themselves comfortable with the raw footage. This was a fun experience while helping understand Plato's ideas and concepts.

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