Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Freudian's Theory In Hamlet

Freudians theory in clearly shown in the movie "Hamlet". We are able to see that Hamlet's actions depict that of a child who goes through the Oedipus Concept in which he desires to be with his mother and take his father's place. The Oedipus Concept is represed as he identifies with his father and decides to take revenge upon his uncle who has married his mother and taken control. Hamlet sticks with this plan until he is faced with his mother again and finds himself wanting to be with his mother again as he tries to force himself on her. This feeling continues until he is brought back to the reality of what he has to do by the appearance of his father's ghost and the sense of fear that a child gets with his father arises in his being. Freudian's theory showd that Hamlet's feelings as a child for his mother never really went away, they were simply repressed by the fact that Hamlet identified with his father and chose to take revenge on his uncle. Unfortunately his desire for his mother got the best of him and stalled his original plans until his father's ghost snapped him back to the original plan.

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