Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Habits!!!

It was very interesting to find out that my habit landed in a category of touching. As we did the group activity I started learning a little more of why I had picked up the habit of continuously touching my hair or touching my jewelry. It came to my attention that the reason I touched my jewelry was because I always felt the need to have my hands occuppied. I found myself having to have something in my hand when i was walking because I felt uncomfortable with my arms swinging along my sides. It was this uncomfortness that made me always hang on to my purse with one hand and have my phone or ipod in the other hand.
The interesting part with my obsessions in touching my hair comes from my background which i found to be very interesting. I always found my self touching my hair to test the lenght of it. I am a latina of Mexican descent where our hair is looked at as our pride, a very important part of us. Men and woman look at hair as women's main beauty. So it was what my parents looked at and loved, specially my father. Unfortunately i found myself not looking at my beauty through my hair and at the age of 18 decided to cut my hair very short. I no longer wanted to be looked at because of the lenght on my hair but for other things. It is not to say i was going against my background but becoming an individual within my culture. So the obssession with touching my hair which i came to realize was that i didn't want my hair to grown past a certain point.

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