Monday, April 19, 2010

The Effects of Marxism

Marxism says that you really can't be a self because you are a product of society. This brings me to my point in regards to Britney Spears, who started at a yound age in the music business. In the first clip from the music video "From the bottom of My Broken Heart", we see that her clothing was more on the reserved part.

In this video we see what Britney Spears used to be like as she was introduced into the music business, but as Marxism claims thar one can be a self but really infact is a product of society is where things do begin to change. The sweet looking girl, with the conservative clothing no longer works for society because as an artist she had to appeal to everyone and not just young teenage little girls. The music business begins pushing a new look in order the feed the need that society creates and the idea that sex sells more.
So here is where we clearly see that society does shape a person and so marxism claim, that one is a product of society, becomes clear. In the second clip we have the music video "Hit Me Baby One More Time", this clip was shot not far after the first video that was shown. Now the sweet conservative looking girl has turned into the entertainer that is fullfilling every man's fantasy about a girl dressed in a school girls outfit saying the words "Give me baby one more time".

She has now become the so called "product of society" because she has allowed society's demand to dictate the way she portray's herself in her video's in order to sell records and not be left behing making less money than those that allow themselves to be shaped by society in order to make money

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