Monday, April 19, 2010

Ideology in The Working World

After watching the video in class and getting into groups, we began discussing the ideology of the clip and what exatly it meant. After much thought we came up with the conclusion that the ideology in this clip was that men were defined by the income they bring to the household. Furthermore was the fact that being a good loving father and husband and nothing to do with what made you important in that world. We were also looking into the hegemony, and it this it meant that it explained the difference between what they called the "closers" and the "losers", it was apparent that if these salesman did not sell an adequate amount of houses they were to be considered losers compared to the salesman who went out of their way to go the extra mile and sell more houses. Here we noticed that the ones that were dominant were those wh made the sales, and in this case were the one's who had a guaranteed job offering and were not at risk of loosing their job. A great point to brung out here was that the main man had the authority and the higher standing to tell the workers they were fired and had a week to try and get their job back. Another key point we looked closely was the interpellation of the clip and in this we found that the main guy was being dominant towards them in order to show them that they need to be dominant as well. In order to accomplish this he builds up a competition between all of them to separate the strong from the weak. he follows this by breaking them down by claiming that a loser will always be a loser and that they will never rise from where they are. Finally we looked at the allienation aspect and realized that the main guy allienated himself from the rest by shpwing off all the money he had made and making the rest feel less that him.

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