Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Lovely Bones

In search for a critique on the adaption of the novel "The Lovely Bones" a story of the life of a teenage girl Susie Salmon, both in life and after her murder. I found that this particular critiquer by the user name of The Linser, found the movie production to have lost its novel magic and found it to be a bit on the lesbian side. While I cannot really see where the critiquer found it to be somewhat of a lesbian manner in the character of Ruth, Susie's friend, I do agree in that the producer Peter Jackson did not quite catch the magic in the novel which takes part in most of the novel. On the other hand I will side with the director when I say he did capture some magical moments in the movie. One in particular that stuck with me was the scene in which Susie's father lights up the candle in which the critiquer also points out. The director did manage to grasp the vision that the novel was trying to portray to its readers as the cadle light manages to be a portal for her father to see Susie. As a fan of the Novel "The Lovely Bones", I was excited to view the movie and compare it to the novel and I found myself a bit disappointed, but found that the movie did clear up and managed to give faces and depict places to compare to the images that had formed in my head when I read the novel. Although movies do help bring out some aspects of a novel that might not be instantly seen through the story, I still hold true to the saying "The book is always better".

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  1. Brenda, how about a link to the review itself? I'd like to see this within your post (I was not able to find the review by doing a Google search). I'm skeptical regarding the source and value of this review, since it's by someone writing under a pseudonym (or user name) rather than someone who puts their name and reputation out there on the line for us all to see. It's the same with online content as it is for anything else: be wary of content that is unsigned or unclaimed, or signed only with a nickname, because such content is often unserious.

    Re: what you've written here, I need more. I need to understand the bases of the reviewer's claims (lesbianism? huh? explain!) and I need to see you respond to them in some specific, concrete way. This is too general to work well IMO.

    The candle example is good, and that's the kind of thing to shoot for IMO. As far as responding to other critics goes, you should discuss their views carefully: spend a few sentences, or a paragraph perhaps, and a couple of good, specific examples in order to show what their positions are. Help me understand!