Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"New Moon"

The Twilight series became an instant hit upon the release of its first novel Twilight by Stephen Meyer, the popularity of the book increased even more with the premier of the movie which created even more fans. It didn’t come as a surprise when the release of the second novel New Moon, created a bigger fan base. The novels are based on the life of a teenager Bella Swan as she transitions from living with her mother to moving into her father’s house and experiencing a new side of life. The book became #1 in the New York Best Seller List for Children’s Chapter Books upon its release.
The movie adaption of the book “New Moon”, directed by Chris Weitz and scripted by Melissa Rosenberg brought in a grossing total of $142,839,137. It depicted the life of Bella and how it changed after meeting Edward and learning of his vampire ways. Despite the incidents she went through in the previous book, she decides to stay with Edward and live with the dangers of being a vampire’s girlfriend. In the movie we see the story line unfold from its previous chapter as we see Bella dealing with her new life. The book begins with Bella waking up from a dream in which she sees herself and old woman alongside Edward and makes her dread her upcoming birthday. The reality of their different life’s sets in and she realizes that as the years go by she will age and Edward will remain the same as the day she met him. In the book we can see deep in her thoughts as she sees herself spending more time with Edward than with her friends. The director utilizes Bella’s surrounding’s in order to depict the way she feels about herself. She has places herself in a situation where the only people she surrounds herself with are lifeless forms of human’s. Upon the departure of Edward after the sudden incident of her birthday and her near death experience the director focuses into how Bella looks out into the world. Moreover it helps us get e bigger picture from what we get from reading the book and getting into her mind.
Along with the director finding its way to key into Bella’s emotions he manages to bring out a psychological stand point of the hallucinations that she was feeling throughout Edwards’s absence. She places herself in a depressive mode alienating herself from her friends. The director depicts this alienation through the scene of the revolving room as the seasons change outside her window as she watches the outside world move on with their lives while she stays in the her room. The director also taps into her psychological mind as he depicts the apparitions of Edward as she exposes herself into dangerous situations. Both in the book and the movie we see the most memorable apparition of her getting on the motorcycle with the complete stranger. By this point Bella has found out that the only way to find her close to Edward is to expose herself to danger to be able to see him again. Although it’s only for a small moment she exposes herself to such situations to satisfy herself with his appearance and that’s where we see in the novel that she is at her happiest.
The director’s take on the novel satisfied many of its viewers who were waiting for its release. He really played into Bella’s loneliness and the sudden rescue of his friend Jacob who became her strength to keep on going with her life by distracting her. In the novel we see the friendship that grows with their first project together in working on the bikes. The director takes that friendship further by showing the scene of Bella and Jacob going to the movie theater along with another friend and he has Jacob go and try to hold her hand. Both the novel and the movie play into the relationship between Bella and Jacob as they both see the friendship differently with Jacob wanting to pursue her in a boyfriend way , while Bella looking at Jacob and her only sanity to keep her from thinking about Edwards departure.
Chris Weitz adaptation of the book “New Moon” into the movie based itself on the mindset of Bella as her new life sets in and the consequences of her choices begin to appear. The director plays into the situations Bella places herself in after the departure of Edward. We see as he starts a mere glimpse of the next movie to come building anticipation till its release.

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